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I have always been into styling my own hair. I was the kid who gelled and spiked up my hair every day for school and asked my mom to bring me to the salon every two weeks for a fresh haircut (which got a little expensive considering I have 3 siblings).  My older cousin cut his own hair, so when I was 12, I asked him to show me how to do it. I figured it couldn’t be that difficult, and if I learned how, I could cut my hair however and whenever I wanted!



For my 13th birthday, I asked my parents for a pair of clippers, and in the summer of 1998 I got my wish. That day, I sat my little brother down outside with a towel over his clothes (like the professionals did, of course), and carefully cut my first head of hair. It actually came out pretty great! Afterward, I cut my own hair and thought I did a really good job. My first day as a hair stylist was a success! From then on, throughout high school, I continued to cut my hair, my brother’s hair, and most of my friends’.


Career Beginning

College was not for me. I had no idea what direction I wanted to go in life. I only knew I enjoyed cutting hair. So in 2005, realizing cosmetology school education was brief and inexpensive, I decided to enroll.

After receiving my license, I continued waiting tables to make ends meet. The salon I wanted to work in was booth rental and I figured you should act based on where you want to end up and do what you have to do to get there.

These past ten years were crucial to building success. I reached out to as many people as I could daily, offering to do their hair. Much of the work I did was free, but it gave me the necessary exposure and most importantly, the knowledge which built my confidence. My clientele gradually flourished, and when I opened my own salon, my name and reputation was already established. I was able to get traction very easily and , additionally, help others to build their own clientele.

1500 hours of training

750 hair colors




By the age of 29 I was well-established in my area as a hairstylist and felt like owning a salon was the appropriate next step in my career. I had a lot of foolish fun in my 20s and told myself I was going to use my 30s to build an empire.

The first goal was set on my 29th birthday. I would open a salon in 1 year. Ten months later “Hair” opened up to the public. It was a period of my life that taught me fundamental lessons about life and business. This was also the beginning of my entrepreneurial spirit and it was done with only $2000 in savings and no money down.

I expand on the process in my ebook; the hardships and high points of starting, maintaining, and growing a business.



Monte Rio

Hair oil was has always been my go to product. In my experience styling, it was the one product that could improve the hair with one application. After not being able to choose the perfect oil to use at my salon, I decided to create one. I wanted to love something enough to sell to consumers and use with each client, no matter their received service. I’ve always wanted to launch my own brand, and in 2016 I began the journey of developing an oil.

Monte Rio was the name chosen. I always said I would name my kid, Monte, after my love for old school Monte Carlo’s. Being that Monte is Spanish for mountain, I thought Rio would best compliment it. Monte Rio offers a “mountain” of hydration. Argan oil was the most trusted and effective ingredient so it’s Monte Rio’s ase in its unique blend of antioxidants and vitamin E. This deliberate formulation was intended to benefit Skin as well as hair. Gender anonymous and compact, and trusted by celebrity stylists such as Eduardo Ponce, Ashley Gomila, and Ashley Antoine.



As unicorn hair was breaking the internet, I saw a need for a tool to help stylists create virally trending on social media platforms such as Instagram. Armed with an idea, I found inspiration in a GaryVee speech in which he says, “If something saves you time or money, you have something.” This patented technology helps artists visually see results before application and is used by numerous educators across the globe to teach color theory.

2019 +

Josh Comeaux Hair

As we move forward with building Josh Comeaux Hair our goal is to educate and motivate more stylists to be there best. We also plan on building more innovative tools to help artists create their best work.

Reach out and let us know who you are, what you do and how we can help make your dreams come true.

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